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Tuesday, October 18

bodies is coming

so i saw on gothamist today that the show "bodies" is coming this fall to the city, i think down near the seaport. as i posted in the comments section there, me and my kids saw what i guess is a similar show, "bodyworlds", in chicago a couple of months ago, and thought it was pretty ho-hum. and totally PACKED, as i'm sure this will be.... especially down in that area, in november/december? total tourist mob scene.

anyway, we thought the chi-town show had a couple of cool things: like "vein man" was pretty amazing... and they had these fetuses on display (everything's real, btw), from like three-weeks-old to eight months, and that was pretty fascinating (though they had them in a separate curtained-off area and piped in like "babies-gone-to-heaven" muzak and it felt anti-abortion-ist).

but all in all, it wasn't really gross enough to be shocking, nor--to us--intrinsically interesting enough to really enlighten. i mean, after you've seen one guy with his skin torn off in a fill-in-the-blank pose, do you really need to see 21 others? for me and my daughters, the answer was no.




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