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Sunday, June 10

The Treats Truck

How have we all survived this long without a Treats Truck rolling through the city? You know, like an ice cream truck, but selling freshly-made, sweet and delicious baked goods?

Red Hook baker Kim Ima launched her mobile bakery—nicknamed Sugar... no I don't usually like it when people name their vehicles, either—this weekend, and I had the good fortune to track it down on Lafayette Street yesterday, getting four of her goodies to munch on over the course of my afternoon. And, for the most part, they were terrific.

My favorite treat was the Caramel Cream Sandwich, two soft, chewy brown sugar cookies with a creamy vanilla filling. A close second was the Oatmeal Jammy, a moist and crunchy cookie with a generous dollop of, in this case, strawberry jam pooling in the center.

The Rasberry Brownie was perfectly fine, with a nice cocoa flavor, though perhaps not gooey enough for my tastes. The final course of my "lunch" was an amazing Cran Almond Crispy, the crunch of the nuts and tartness of the dried fruit adding a whole new depth of delight to the sugary, sticky rice krispie square. I'd never had one like this before and, while not wanting to sound too dramatic, I must say it was something of a revelation.

So Ima definitely knows what's she doing in the Treats department (and the menu is impressively extensive), but there are still some kinks to work out with the Truck. For instance: where to set up shop? Apparently she was chased from several village-area locations yesterday... like I said, I was fortunate to catch her in front of the Public Theater on Lafayette right before she pulled away to find someplace new. Ima's website—treatstruck.com—provides up-to-date information on her planned whereabouts for the day (her goal is be curbside somewhere in town every Wednesday through Sunday), or you can call her on-the-go at 212-691-5226.

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