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Thursday, July 12

Spoon at Rockefeller Park

After a slight rain delay—though the rain itself was anything but slight—Spoon rocked Rockefeller Park last night with a 50-minute, 14-song, free-show set that thrilled the huge, muddy-footed crowd. I arrived while it was still torrential, and so was able to secure a spot right up front. At around 7:00 the rain stopped, they took the tarps off of the equipment... and then it started pouring again. Things were looking grim. Finally it let it up for good around 7:40 (some sprinkles during the set threatened to shorten the evening, but even though some manager-type guy told them to stop the show, the band refused to get off stage), people kept streaming in from god-knows-where, and the party started for real a little after 8:00.

As usual, Britt Daniel and his Austin bandmates put on a great show: tight, lean, so full of energy and good tunes and good vibes that I couldn't help but smile and dance and sing along through most of it. Below is the (almost) full set list, which included a bunch of songs from their excellent new CD, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga...

1. I don't know. Little help? UPDATE: Eddie's Raga (thanks, anonymous...)
2. Don't Make Me a Target
3. My Mathematical Mind
4. Small Stakes
5. The Underdog
6. Stay Don't Go
7. I Turn My Camera On
8. Black Like Me
9. Rhthm and Soul
10. Chicago at Night
11. Take a Walk
12. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
13. Jonathan Fisk
14. I Summon You

The sound isn't the best at Rock Park, and if you're up close you have to stand on a downhill slope, which is a little awkward, but the show was free—part of the River to River Festival—and even with all the rain, it seemed to me that most everyone was having a blast. Well... I certainly was, anyway.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

First song was Eddie's Ragga off of the new album...

9:43 AM, July 12, 2007

Anonymous david z said...

A geezer (44) who goes for indie music! I salute you. Me, I'm 56 and I just saw Wilco at Warsaw last month. Would have made Spoon if not for the rain. Looking forward to Hold Steady and Neko Case later this summer. And I've got my tickets for Stars in October. Why are there so few of us when the music is so good?

2:16 PM, July 12, 2007


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