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Friday, August 17

Lost: Season 2 on DVD

An idea for a comedy sketch kept popping into my head as I gleefully tore through the 23 episodes of Lost's Season 2. It's probably been done already on MAD TV or SNL or by someone on YouTube, but it's called something like "Lost: the Happy Ones", and it's basically a bunch of men and woman in resort wear whooping it up around a beach bonfire, drinking out of coconuts, playing ukuleles and off camera we hear Michael yelling about "Getting back my SON!", and Jack raging at Sawyer, and Locke screaming about his pathetic little life, and gunfire, and Jin getting all frantic in Korean and every once in a while the partyers give a puzzled look off into the distance, and say things like "What are those guys up to now?" "Why don't they chill out and have some of these mango margaritas!"

Because man, the dozen or so main characters sure have had an awfully dramatic time of it in this tropical paradise.

But, yes, I am now even more completely hooked on this show (though still find the flashbacks far less interesting than the on-island goings-on: for example, did we really need to see the whole Jin/Sun courtship to get to the punchline about... well I won't say); I think the writing is mostly pretty tight and smart; the acting mostly strong (though some characters are starting to get annoyingly one-dimensional); and I'm surprised that they've been able to juggle successfully so many narrative arcs, and introduce so much more unexplained weirdness, without the whole thing dissolving into a mess. Through Season 2, Lost remains a lot of fun, and totally worth the addiction.



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