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Monday, September 17

'wichcraft on 8th Street

If the world made any sense, Tom Colicchio's sandwich spin-off of his Craft empire would be a mob scene, and nearby Chipotle, Subway, Johnny Rockets, even the overrated Grey Dog a few blocks away, would be ghost towns. Yes, 'wichcraft can be slightly inconsistent—I'd say one in ten sandwiches have disappointed—but that doesn't explain the near emptiness of this place every time time I've gone... especially as compared to the crowds at the other, similarly priced, and far inferior establishments I mentioned above.

Anyway, I documented my two most recent early dinners at the 'wichcraft on 8th Street (it's a great spot for a pre-movie—or between-movie—quick bite), the first excellent, the second slightly less so. I stopped in one evening on my way from the Angelika to the Regal 14, and had an amazing hot Meatloaf with Cheddar, which also featured thick, smoky bacon slabs and spicy tomato relish. The cibatta roll was soft and fresh, the meat juicy, the whole creation complex, well-balanced, satisfying. For dessert I tried the White Chocolate and Apricot Bar, which was wonderful: sweet, moist, the chocolate and fruit perfect together.

The very next night, and again on my way to the movies, I was back, though this time the results were more mixed. I've had and loved the Slow Roasted Pork sandwich a few times in the past, but on this night the dried-up meat had obviously been sitting around for too long. The sandwich was saved by the moist red-cabbage slaw and jalapenos—delivering that great combo of sweet and heat—but still, I wish the kitchen had noticed the sad state of their swine, and suggested I order something else. My dessert was one of their always reliable Cream'wiches, in this case oatmeal, and in this case delicious.

'wichcraft is located on 8th Street just West of Broadway. There are also locations in West Chelsea, the Flatiron, Tribeca, Soho, and Midtown. You'll find a fairly complete menu as well as online take-out ordering at their website, here.

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Anonymous David F said...

Hey, leave Chipotle out of this. It's relatively safe for people on gluten-free diets!

1:13 AM, September 21, 2007

Blogger Scott said...

Sorry about that. And, full disclosure, I've never actually eaten at Chipotle... though I did hear, from an extremely reliable source, that their food—and I don't know how to put this politely—the food makes your breath smell like farts.

So, no thanks.

For Scoboco's gluten-free readers, please see Mr. F.'s excellent glutenfreenyc.blogspot.com

10:24 PM, September 21, 2007

Anonymous carlos said...

it's not a welcoming storefront at all, and the food can be heavy/messy.

just look at that photo--sign high up, empty windows.

3:24 PM, November 03, 2010


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