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Wednesday, October 10

MyMix 10.10

I make a new On-The-Go mix just about every morning. Here's some of what I was listening to, shuffled, today.

Radiohead: Weird Fishes/Arpeggi*
The National: Brainy
Rihanna: Don't Stop the Music
John Lennon: Working Class Hero
The National: Blank Slate
Okkervil River: Unless It's Kicks
Spoon: Rhthm & Soul
Shout Out Louds: Tonight I Have to Leave It
Au Revoir Simone: Through the Backyards
Patrick Watson: The Great Escape**
Rancid: Dead Bodies
Sunny Day Real Estate: Red Elephant
The National: Racing Like a Pro
Suzanne Vega: Zephyr & I
The National: Daughters of the Soho Riots
Kanye West: Flashing Lights***
Bishop Allen: Rain
Broken Social Scene & Kevin Drew: Tbtf
The National: Baby We'll Be Fine
French Kicks: The Trial of the Century
R. Kelly: Ignition (Remix)
The National: Slow Show****

* I paid £4. How about you? If you don't know what I'm talking about, and you are a Radiohead fan, please proceed immediately to here.

** Very pretty. Thanks to an old friend for the tip.

*** My current favorite from the great Graduation. Love that throwback synth/keyboard riff!

**** Yes I'm a little The National obsessed recently (going to Friday's show at the new Music Hall of Williamsburg, which I hear is an excellent venue), but it's NOTHING compared to Co's current fandom! (What can I say, she's got good taste...) Anyway, as I've said before in another forum, I always get goosebumps during the last part of this song... when it's just the piano and percussion and Matt Berninger sings:
"You know I dreamed about you
For 29 years before I saw you.
You know I dreamed about you:
I missed you for 29 years."

Very romantic, Mr. Berninger.



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