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Thursday, October 20

less kid-ish

a little while back either bo or co expressed dissatisfaction with their room (they share our apartment's only bedroom; i do the futon-in-the-living-room thing).

"it's too kid-ish," whichever-she-was said.

and she was right.

we hadn't really done anything to their room since we moved in three years ago, when they were just starting first and third grades.

now, their room is pretty tiny, and i don't have money for any kind of big re-do. so i'm thinking a good way to have a big impact in a small room is new duvet covers... especially if there are two beds.

and where can you find inexpensive, cool, contemporary-looking duvet covers? my girlfriend dglass hooked me up. "no doubt about it," she told me. "ikea is the best bet for comforters and pillowcases."

and SHE was right!

of course, everyone knows about ikea, but it always seems kind of overwhelming to go there, you know? especially with no car. i mean, christ!, it's in another STATE! but i am so glad i didn't listen to those "too-out-of-the-way" voices.

last saturday i took the free ikea bus out of port authority. it leaves every half hour from gate 5 (which is downstairs and all the way right near ninth avenue) and it was unbelievably easy and quick and comfortable. and the store wasn't even that crowded! i found a perfect bedside table for their room, and a cute little lamp. i bought myself some new flatware and a spiffy cheesegrater and some other stuff i didn't need. and then i got to the bed linens section and it was a beautiful thing to see.

there was a HUGE selection. everything was in stock. there were all kinds of designs and colors and tones--and many designs came in at least two different but complementary colors, which is obviously perfect for a sibling-shared room. AND a twin-sized duvet cover with pillowcase is only $20!

so: massive success. i love the new room. THEY love the new room. door-to-door it only took like four hours. and the whole thing--dresser, lamp, duvet covers and a new roman blind--cost just over $100.

the lesson? listen to boco. listen to dglass. they are always right.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:03 PM, October 20, 2005

Anonymous dglass said...

Nothing like a great and wise moral to a story!

4:26 PM, October 20, 2005

Blogger Rey said...

I've always wondered if you buy furniture at that Ikea how do they also load it up on the Free shuttle.

9:27 AM, October 24, 2005


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