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Thursday, April 27

Weekend movie picks: 5.25

What's good, what's fun, what's intriguing, what's a must... now playing in Manhattan theaters.

What I'd like to see:

Seems like this is not the straight-up horror flick its marketing would have us think, but rather a tense, claustrophobic psychological drama starring the always-appealing Ashley Judd. Playing everywhere.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Bo, Co and I loved part two last summer (saw it on one of the hottest days of the year in a huge, freezing, nearly empty theater). We'll definitely be there for this one. Playing everywhere.

Brooklyn Rules
Mixed reviews have me hesitant, but the list of movies that I've enjoyed about neighborhood best friends/thugs coming of age is a long one. This is set in the mid-'80s, in Bay Ridge, with Alec Baldwin as the crime lord. At the Village 7 and the AMC on 42nd.

Paris, Je T'aime
An anthology of eighteen love stories, all set in Paris, created by a dream ensemble of actors and directors. How could it not be at least half good? At the Sunshine and the Paris.

Steel City
This family-dynamics drama, set in a bleak rust-belt town, has potential... for me hinging upon whether the script is indeed "sharp" (NY Times) or in fact "stilted" (TONY). At the Quad.

Day Night Day Night
A woman tries (succeeds?) to blow herself up in Times Square, for motives that remain murky. At the IFC Center.

What I've seen, and liked:

The sweetest movie playing today: affecting, romantic and filled with great music. At the Sunshine.

Shrek the Third
Keep your expectations low, and you should be pleasantly entertained, occasionally amused. Your kids will definitely laugh. Playing everywhere.

Spiderman 3
Bloated and corny, sure, but Bo, Co and I had a blast. Playing everywhere.

Clever, cute, funny, with terrific performances all around. Looks great, feels great. Playing all over town.

Away From Her
An almost great love story—husband and wife, married 44 years, she gets Alzheimer's—undermined by a somewhat dishonest script. At several locations, including the Lincoln Plaza, the AMC on 42nd, and the Sunshine.

28 Weeks Later
The coolest looking movie of the year. Plus: tremendously tense and frightening. Too bad the script's so stupid. Playing all over town.

The Lives of Others
A smart, well-crafted tale of suspense and betrayal, set in dreary 1980s East Berlin. At the Lincoln Plaza



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