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Tuesday, March 28

mymix 3.28

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today

wolf parade: modern world
the strokes: ize of the world
hot chip: keep fallin'
sonic youth: teenage riot
death cab for cutie: president of what?*
shout out louds
: never ever
the roots: double trouble
rogue wave: salesman at the day of the parade
led zeppelin: the ocean
kanye west: crack music
the killers: all these things that i have done
a tribe called quest: vivrant thing**
bloc party: this modern love
the diabeleros: sugar laced soul
nine black alps: cosmopolotin
terence tent d'arby: wishing well
the frames: happy
the dandy warhols: boys better***
coldplay: twisted logic
ll cool j: headsprung
arab strap: if there's no hope for us
weezer: perfect situation
the decembrists: on the bus mall

* dglass scalped tickets (!) and took me and her daughters to see these guys at hammerstein ballroom last month and--despite my shorter companion's seeing-the-stage issues in the venue's big, crowded, standing-room environment--we had a blast! thanks again cutie.
** how had i never heard this before seeing it on mtv 2's monster mix the other morning?! it's on their 1999 anthology cd, and totally kicks it.
*** one of my favorite moments of one of my favorite shows of the past few years was when they played this song at the bowery ballroom: loud, drunk, sexy, funny, total rock and roll.

ps: i totally bit "mymix" (get it?) from some blog i can't remember. so... thanks blogger i can't remember.



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