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Friday, February 10


scoboco had a big-time pasta/pizza craving tonight, and with all the recent reviews of del posto, i was reminded of the excellent meal dglass and i had around christmas at otto, mario batali's casual "pizzeria" on 8th street and 5th avenue. so downtown bo, co and i went for a ton of truly tasty food, very reasonably priced; attentive, friendly service; a welcoming, energetic vibe; an all-around good time.

the menu's structured so that you can enjoy a lot of different flavors for not a lot of money. the three of us shared two sides (ramekins of snappy roasted beets and intense, warm, house-cured olives), the special bruschetta (schmeared with batali's signature "lardo", aka pork fat) and a beautifully seasoned salad of artichokes "alla romana" (which maybe means "with delicious salty cheese and roasted onions"). then i had the special pasta, a rigatoni dish rich in a sweet braised pork; bo totally loved her pasta alla norma, with roasted eggplant and luscious, melted ricotta; and co had the basic tomato/basil/mozzarella pizza, which was fine. the portions are the perfect size... we walked away nice and full, but by no means bloated. and the bill was like $60, including a (well-deserved) nice tip!

otto now takes reservations for parties up to 11 people. when i called around lunch, the only things left for the night were at 6:00 and 10:00. six was totally fine for us, and they serve the whole menu in the bar area, but this place is rightfully crowded, with rightfully happy people.

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