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Thursday, February 9

imix 2.9

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today:

wolf parade: i'll believe in anything
stiff little fingers: no more of that
film school: on and on
snow patrol: chocolate
damien rice: cannonball
slapp happy: the drum*
secret machines: road leads where it's led
postal service: natural anthem**
the strokes: heart in a cage
lcd soundsystem: tribulations
jawbreaker: do you still hate me?
flaming lips: the w.a.n.d.
and you will know us by the trail of dead: will you smile again for me
editors: munich
arctic monkeys: i bet that you look good on the dance floor
ok go: invincible
danger doom/talib kweli: old school
film school: deep lake
custom: beat me
the frames: sideways down
death cab for cutie: we laugh indoors

* a sad story. on one of the last really good nights i spent with my best friend tod, we played this song like five times in a row, geeking out with massive air guitar maneuvers and singing the chorus at the top of our lungs. tod died five years ago this january. i miss him all the time.

** a happy story. i met dglass on nerve a year and three-quarters ago, and while there were many many reasons i responded to her profile (gorgeousness being a big factor), definitely in the top five was that she mentioned she listened to postal service... "while bopping in my chair while i work," i believe she said.



Anonymous tom said...

Are you kidding--of course i remember The Woofles... "My Voice Gets Drown By The Roar of My Heart," was the A side of a single that, come to think of it, someone should bother to convert to digital. Todd and Nick and Mike Russle. I heard about Todd from a guy named Pete who I assume you know... but then maybe you are Pete.


2:23 PM, February 22, 2006


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