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Monday, January 23

economy candy

i love snacks.

sweet, salty, fruity, cheesy, doughy, cold, hot, liquidy, crunchy, gooey, whatever... i love 'em all.

this past sunday i was reminded once again of one of my favorite spots to stock up on snacks when dglass and i went went to economy candy, on rivington between ludlow and essex (or online, here).

the selection here is unbelievable... and unbelievably tempting. it's just non-stop, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling treats! they've got old school candy that gets me all nostalgic just from looking at the packaging (skybar, anyone? adams sour cherry gum?); crazy newfangled stuff; hand-dipped chocolate-covered delights (the smores are amazing--total sugar bombs); fancy chocolates and marzipan; bulk penny candy and movie-theater-faves and top-notch dried fruits and nuts (try the butter toffee pecans... it's like eating pecan pie, minus the pie) and on and on and on. and it's all cheap, so i get even more tempted, and leave with a big shopping bag filled with things i don't need but definitely want.

with kids or without, if you're hanging on the les, it's totally worth a stop. heck, it's a destination in and of itself!

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