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Thursday, January 5

sweet riot

bo and co turned me on to sweet riot chocolate-covered cacao nibs last week, before new year's eve when we were hunting for that cheese board thingy in soho. they had sampled them at the chocolate show in the fall, and then spotted them at--of all places--the moma store, on spring street.

now, apparently cacao nibs are extremely rare, and extremely precious: we're talking $7 for a one-ounce tin that's about as big as a bic lighter (the old-school kind)... we're talking like 15ยข a nib!

but because it was the holiday season and all, and because i'm such a kind and generous dad, and (mostly) because i'm a total sucker for well-packaged, interesting new food products -- especially well-packaged, interesting new dessert food products -- we splurged and bought a tin of "flavor 65", which is the middle-intensity flavor of the dark chocolate.

and man are these things good. crunchy. bitter. chocolately. cacao-y. hoplessly addictive.

now i see that sweet riot is now getting written up everywhere, so you're sure to run into these at your local gourmet food store, or your local museum-affiliated design-y products store.

but thanks boco, for hooking me up early.

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