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Thursday, December 15


if co WASN'T going to a birthday party from 3 - 7 on sunday, we would definitely do this:

early dinner at piola, on 12th between broadway and university. i've been to this hip italian/pizza place a bunch with dglass, and co and i had a great time eating here a few weeks ago. and, really, what's not to love? there are like 40 kinds of thin-crust pizza with interesting toppings combos and everyone i've ever tried has been great. the salads are big and tasty and shareable. the staff is friendly and smiley and tattooed and cute. the decor and signage is cool. the art is appealing (sometimes... it rotates). the music fun but not too loud. the prices reasonable. AND they have authentic guarana soda!

then we would walk down to washington square park for...

unsilent night (the christmas piece). for 12 years now composer phil kline has done this, and for 12 years i've missed it. basically, it's "like a christmas carolling party except we don't sing, but rather carry boom boxes, each playing a separate tape which is part of the piece." you bring a boom box, he gives you a tape, everyone hits "play" at the same time. apparantly last year there were 100 boom boxes participating, and more than 500 people joined the stroll over to tompkins square park. sounds loud and joyful and filled with good cheer to me. the piece starts at 7:00, and kline asks that you arrive by 6:45 to get ready. more info is here.

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