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Wednesday, December 7

imix 12.7

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today:

the rapture: out of the races and on to the track
strokes: the modern age
animal collective: grass
stiff little fingers: breakout
death cab for cutie: a lack of color
shout out louds: the comeback (remix)
pixies: holiday song
matt pond pa: halloween
notorious big: big poppa
low: monkey (remix)*
cure: in between days
van halen: hot for teacher
kanye west: never let you down
scissor sisters: comfortably numb
earlimart: unintentional tape manipulation
jawbreaker: do you still hate me?
decembrists: on the bus mall
death cab for cutie: we laugh indoors
coldplay: what if
brian jonestown massacre: nailing honey to the bee
ice cube: steady mobbin'**
beastie boys: hey fuck you
amusement parks on fire: venus in cancer

* listen to this tune and you'd never guess that low does one of the sweetest, prettiest holiday songs around, "just like christmas." but they do.
** i hadn't thought of this song in YEARS until i was doing like my second or third scoboco post and suddenly i got all weird al on myself and started singing "steady blogging." yes: total loser.



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