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Wednesday, November 30

imix 11.30

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today:

wolf parade: shine a light
finley quay/beth orton: dice
smashing pumpkins: 1979
shout out louds: very loud
radiohead: where i end and you begin
pixies: bone machine
interpol: c'mere
grandaddy: the crystal lake
the editors: munich
art brut: fight
strokes: juicebox
deerhoof: running thoughts
echo and the bunnymen: lips like sugar
franz ferdinand: do you want to
depeche mode: personal jesus (pump mix)
ok go: this will be our year
blur: bang
u2: in a little while
matt pond pa: halloween
death cab for cutie: marching bands of manhattan
animal collective: did you see the words



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