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Friday, November 11

SOOO much to do!

i don't even know where to start.

bo and co are with their mom this weekend... but either way, there's no possible way to see and do and eat everything that's going on around town these days. fall in new york city is pretty amazing, no? a quick look at the possiblities for the next couple of weeks...

movies (with and/or without the daughters): jarhead (yes, the reviews were mediocre, but i think it looks cool), pride and prejudice (seems totally fun and romantic), cape of good hope (sounds uplifting, and a probable boco pick), pulse (SUPER creepy... can i get anyone to go with me is the question), jesus is magic (i saw the trailer for this online like a year ago and have wanted to see it ever since)... and next weekend, obviously, is the new harry potter.

museums: i definitely want to take boco to ps1 soon, especially for john kessler's "hyper kinetic" site installation, "the palace at 4 a.m.", and some of the photography exhibits sound cool, too. i also just like the whole vibe of that place, even when the exhibits are so-so. the met has a couple of interesting things going on... the sure-to-be-packed van gogh drawings, of course, but also i know bo and co would enjoy the santiago calatrava "sculpture into architecture" exhibit—it's models, it's immediately relevant because of the two nyc projects he's working on now, it's magical and dynamic and almost avian. then i just read this morning in the times about richard tuttle's show at the whitney, which also looks like a must to check out. and the guggenheim has marina abramovic recreating classic performance art pieces from the 60s and 70s which sounds totally cool and wince-inducing and definitely not for kids.

food: dglass overheard someone talking about what sounds like a new (?) sure-bet quick-bite place, "say cheese" over on 45th and 9th, featuring a tasty array of grilled cheese varieties. and i can't wait to try this dessert i saw featured in time out new york a few weeks back, a toffee/ice cream concoction served up at schiller's liquor bar on rivington and norfork.

if i were to go dancing saturday night (and heck, maybe i will) i would definitely go to the sullivan room (on sullivan street between bleeker and west 3rd) to hear mazi's "dirty, mind-bending" house.

canstruction starts this weekend, too, which the three of us LOVED last year. basically, all these architecture and construction firms from around the country build amazing things--massive hot dogs, the brooklyn bridge, an octopus, etc--from cans of food. it's held at the new york design center on lex and 32nd. admission is a can of food. it'll make you smile and the pieces are spread throughout showrooms on like a dozen floors (so there's a treasure-hunt-y aspect to it) and it's awesome.

and tonight i'm seeing a dance performance... my second one this week! if you enjoy a little miming and clowning with your amazing acrobatics, you should see bright abyss, which is running through sunday.

oh yeah, i also need to buy some pants. any suggestions?

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Blogger David Marc Fischer said...

This is just a suggestion...but make sure the pants fit.

3:52 PM, November 21, 2005


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