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Thursday, November 3

weekend fun

well it looks like this weekend with bo and co is pretty jammed with plans... all totally fun plans, to be sure--art class and soccer and a fall family dance at boco's school and bo's doing a sleepover and my sister's having her baby shower (yay for e!!!! and happy birthday today!!)--but it leaves us with not much walking-around-having-adventures time.

maybe we can squeeze this in though: the 24-hour incidental, running from noon to noon, saturday to sunday, down at the swiss institute, (495 broadway between spring and broome), part of the performa 05 celebration of "contemporary performance in the visual arts." ok, i know that all sounds kind of weighty and maybe even boring, but this show seems like it could be fun. basically, 10 artists will be doing their thing, live, for 24 hours straight, in the space. one has an interactive sound piece going on; another piece involves a crew being filmed building a bench and screen for the first 12 hours, and then they show the film for the next 12 hours; one guy will spend the entire time asleep in a hammock; another is going to build and install what sounds like a rain machine. etc. again: it's all going on at once, for 24 hours straight. sounds slightly chaotic, probably goofy, almost certainly interesting to watch for a little while. note: this is type of thing i NEVER actually tell my kids we're going to, because if i revealed too many details, i'd have a total rebellion on my hands. better to leave it kind of vague, and just say we're going to go see "something that might be really cool"...

and if we do go check it out, we'll have to eat some lunch, right? i had a delicious sandwich at olive's last weekend (on prince between wooster and greene). it had been almost a year since i last had one from there, and had forgotten how well they make them: fresh fillings, excellent bread, all ingredients in the proper proportions. lots of variety and totally first-rate, it's a good soho quick-bite alternative to rubens empanadas. the cookies are never as good as they look, though, i don't think.

we then might walk up to parsons on 13th and fifth for the taxi-design show i saw on gothamist today. parsons shows can be pretty hit or miss, but no matter what, we'd be on our way to where the cookies are always even BETTER than they look, city bakery, on 18th between fifth and sixth. or... maybe we'll just go here first for lunch, and grab a plate of their french toast, which happens to be the absolute best ever! it's caramelized, it's thick and chewy, it's total heaven. and they have niman ranch bacon. and if you haven't tried their hot chocolate with homemade marshmallow, what the heck are you waiting for? a hot chocolate festival or something?!

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