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Saturday, October 29

no bo, no co, so: no mo.

so boco are at their mom's this weekend (we alternate), which is great for them because their mom is great for them.

an aside: when their mom and i got separated, we decided to make an effort to refer to the other person's home by the street name. in other words, we'll tell co "bring this sweater to 103rd street," rather than "bring it to dad's house." the thinking is, if they had one home, we'd just call it "home." if you say "dad's" and "mom's" house all the time, it maybe diminishes a sense of ownership for them. yes, it's subtle. and when they're with me, i obviously say "let's go home," not "let's go to 103rd street." but, i don't know... we try to be cautious with scarring-for-life stuff like that.

anyway, if bo and co WERE with me this weekend i would try to plan our saturday evening around dinner at mo pitkin's house of satisfaction, on avenue a between 2nd and 3rd. you've probably read about this place recently: the food is judeo-latino (yes, that's right), it's owned by the two boots pizza guy, it's been in every issue of time out new york for like two months, it's been on gothamist, and it was even mentioned in entertainment weekly last week as a celebrity hangout. well dglass and i went on wednesday and thought it was great. especially fun is the "mo's pickins" part of the menu, where you can choose 6 things (out of like 15) for $13, and you get your samplings served in one big seder dish, with matzah. we got the chorizo meatballs (nice and spicy), the chicken liver (awesome, and made with balsamic vinegar), the pickled chicken (we like vinegar), the brisket (also delicious), the deviled eggs (good) and the somewhat disappointing cauliflower (too ratatouille-y). for the main course, my turkey burger with tomatillo sauce and avocado was juicy and perfectly seasoned and excellent; dglass's borscht salad was also a hit. if you're game (we weren't) there are also all kinds of shows in the cabaret upstairs.

so i want to go to mo's, with bo and co.

maybe next weekend.

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Anonymous dglass said...

Hmm. I didn't know there was a cabaret. Good thing I read this blog!

10:50 PM, October 29, 2005


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