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Wednesday, November 23

imix 11.23

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today:

madonna: love profusion
walkmen: my old man
sunny day real estate: red elephant
sonic youth: sunday
the roots: double trouble
radiohead: there there
pixies: monkey gone to heaven
modest mouse: bury me with it
kanye west: gone
dialated peoples: this way
interpol: lief erickson
three 6 mafia: stay fly
she wants revenge: out of control
art brut: fight
the rakes: retreat
the strokes: juicebox
shout out louds: the comeback
franz ferdinand: the outsiders
broken social scene: cause = time
damien rice: lonelily
calexio/iron and wine: he lays in the reins
gang of four: damaged goods
iggy pop: the passenger
hot hot heat: middle of nowhere
public enemy: you're gonna get yours
the decembrists: on the bus mall
coldplay: white shadows
art brut: we formed a band
clap your hands say yeah: over and over again
brian jonestown massacre: hide and seek
arcade fire: neighborhood #3



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