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Monday, December 12

two things

between christmas shopping and parties and visiting e and baby pabs, there hasn't been much time for doing post-worthy scoboco stuff... except maybe for these two things, both of which dglass and i enjoyed yesterday.

1 the fried baby artichoke appetizer--"carciofi alla giudia"--at col legno on east 9th street. this one of the best dishes i've had in a while... really more roasted than fried (there's no breading involved), it's both crispy and soft, packed with artichoke flavor, nicely balanced with salt and lemon and mint. the rest of the meal was tasty too, and very reasonable, but i'd go back just for that appy. not that any of this is my discovery: dglass has been loving this dish for years...

2 brokeback mountain. ang lee's much-buzzed new film is beautiful to look at, features strong performances from start to finish (yes, heath ledger is as terrific as everyone says, but i wish he hadn't mumbled SO much!) and, emotionally, totally delivers on love's longing and pain, if less so on the actual love itself. bleak and touching, epic and heart-breaking, it's definitely a must-see.

one more thing: absolutely, it's wonderful that you almost never have to wait on lines for movies anymore--and if you fandango with even the mildest planning-neurosis, nothing's ever sold out--but it kind of sucks, no?, to have to sit in the third row when you arrive at the theater a good 20 minutes before showtime! when did everyone in town start showing up SO early to every movie?

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Anonymous dglass said...

Ever since "The Twenty", that's when!

7:49 PM, December 12, 2005


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