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Friday, December 30

not enough colors; too much garlic

so after a perfect week of so many beautiful presents and lots of laughs with lots of loved ones and like 528 pounds of chocolate treats, scoboco finally had a chance to go on a nyc adventure today.

and i must say, we were pretty whelmed.

first stop was the cooper-hewitt (on fifth and 91st) for the fashion in colors show, which has received rave reviews. the concept sounds pretty cool: here are 300 years of fashion design (read: dresses), organized by color. so the blue room has blue walls and blue lighting and blue mannequins and blue designs; in the black room, it's all black; the red room, it's red; etc. but though it appeared to be flawlessly executed, scoboco kind of shrugged. co wished there were more colors (there were six). bo wished there were more fashions (there were 68). i wished i was more interested in dresses.

then it was down to soho/nolita for shopping (nice half-price ornaments at the moma store!) and goofing around and searching for this modular cheese platter/serving board thing i could have sworn i had seen somewhere down there (sur la table? noooo... moma? noooo.... crate and barrel? noooo.... moss? noooo... clio? nooooo...), but maybe it was a dream.

anyway, that whole part of the day was fun and great and then we went for an early dinner at 24 prince (between elizabeth and mott) which i read good things about. given our state--tired, cold, starving to death--it wouldn't have taken much to have us swooning, but i'm afraid they didn't quite deliver. the mac and cheese "spring rolls" were frustratingly bland. the potato and fennel soup was more of a potato and garlic soup: not bad, but not what i wanted. the fried chicken was well cooked--crispy skin, moist meat--but fairly forgettable. the risotto, with shitakes and tomato, pretty standard. the best dish was bo's: meatloaf, wrapped in a flaky crust, topped with just the right amount of sweet bbq sauce (pictured, thank you gothamist). the service was friendly (though 15 minutes after our waiter had announced to us what his "three favorites things on the menu" were, he must have changed his mind, because i overheard him tell another table three different things!) and we liked the logo and apparantly there's a secret bar in the basement. but really? it was ok. just ok.

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Anonymous dglass said...

Modular cheese platter/serving board thing?? You SO gave it away! That is, if you ever find it. Sounds spongey.

11:29 PM, December 30, 2005


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