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Sunday, January 1


scoboco was in times square new year's eve!

well... not really. more like new year's eve-noon... whatever the heck that means.

anyway, yes, on saturday we hiked down to the deuce to the see the 12:05 show of narnia. none of us had ever read the book, had no idea what to expect, nor, really were we particularly excited about seeing this particular movie. it was more like: we totally feel like going to the movies, and this is the only thing around. and what a pleasant surprise it was.

bo and co really liked it a lot: suspenseful, interesting plot, liked the characters, liked the talking animals, laughed out loud, grabbed onto me when things got tense, etc. they did notice--and didn't like--one of the movie's main flaws: that lucy (the littlest) is really the strongest and bravest, but peter (the eldest... and wimpiest) gets to be the leader and hero, apparantly only because he's a boy.

i thought it was ok: the kids kind of lame and annoying, the hell-creatures cool, the fighting too bloodless, tilda swinton awesome. actually my main complaint was that the theater was freezing, and a good chunk of the action takes place in the snow... in fact, when the kids fell into the icy water, i had to put on my coat i felt so cold.

and as for our new year's eve.... let's just say it involved plenty of paolitos (dglass discovered that puff and pao sells them in bulk, frozen, so it couldn't be easier to serve up trays of truly crowd-pleasing hors d'oeuvres), a tower of treats, 12 grapes eaten in the 12 seconds before midnight, and kisses all around!



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