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Wednesday, January 4

imix 1.4

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today:

stars: your ex-lover is dead
the frames: happy
young jeezy: soul survivor
saint etienne: kiss and make up*
david gray: sail away
joy division: love will tear us apart
sufjan stevens: chicago
madonna: jump
beck: girl
weezer: perfect situation
broken social scene: almost crimes
cat power: the greatest
nelly: grillz
pinback: fortress
clap you hands say yeah: in this home on ice
deerhoof: twin killers
guided by voices: the best of jill hives**
postal service: natural anthem
the strokes: ize of the world
rogue wave: publish my love

* by the way? an excellent makeout tune.
** coincidentally i was in tower records tonight and i happened to be in the "g's" and i was reminded again that these guys have put out just an INSANE amount of records! their "best of" cd has 32 tracks! they also happened to put on one of the all-time great free shows, on pier 45 (is that it? the one off of 14th street?) two summers ago. frontman robert pollard got ridiculously drunk (as is his wont) and it was a beautiful night and they played forever to singing-along, totally culty fans.



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