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Monday, February 27

gaudi at bam

antonio gaudi, a film by the i guess famous japanese art-house director hiroshi teshigahara, is playing at the bam rose cinemas through thursday the 2nd, and if you're a fan of this catalan architect and his pile-it-on, whimsical, sensual style, you should definitely try to catch it. i took bo and co this past saturday and we all three enjoyed it quite a bit.

make no mistake: this is an art-house film. there is virtually no narration of any kind. there's no exposition, no history, no intellectual context, no biography. we're talking an hour and fifteen minutes of a camera slowly panning over the interior and exterior of gaudi's famous buildings and parks in barcelona, set to slow, somewhat discordant background music. the fact that boco had been there two years ago and seen these places in person certainly helped keep their interest. i've never seen his stuff live, but it totally speaks to me. and it was interesting to see a couple of things--like an undulating roof--that have beeen picked up by spanish architect salvatore calatrava, the subject of a fine, recent show at the met.



Anonymous Gaudi said...

His revolution of architecture and plastic arts is in the beginning of contemporary and future art.

10:59 AM, July 01, 2009


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