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Wednesday, February 15

french fries, habitats, lemons

scoboco teamed up with dglass last saturday for lunch at pop burger and art in chelsea.

first: the food. i've gone on about pop burger before, but let me just reiterate... maybe it's the extra batter, or the just-cooked freshness, or maybe they have special super-potatoes, but these have got to be the best french fries in the city, period. the sliders (which are mini-burgers, and come two-to-an-order) are pretty dope, too.

as for the art... kind of mixed reviews. we spent most of our time at the new museum of contemporary art, on the corner of 22nd and 10th, mostly to see andrea zittel's new exhibit, "critical space", which'll be there until may 27. i don't really have the vocabularly to fully describe what was going on (you can find lots of that sort of info here), but it seems she's concerned with how we interact with world and our space in it, whether in our home or in natural environments. or something. my overall impression was that she has lots of interesting ideas (like she spent a week in a time-deprived environment--no clocks, no sun--to see what her internal clock would do), but the execution was kind of lame. the physical "habitats" on display seemed sort of thrown together, using cheesy materials. the way she presented her time-deprivation results were vague and hard to understand (at least for me). bo and co, on the other hand, liked the show quite a bit--it's big and three-dimensional--so what do i know?

and did you realize that every model on the covers of i-d magazine is winking? and that the masthead is an emoticon-like wink? neither did we! this got dglass very excited.

the other art of note we saw that day was... lemons! or, rather, "unstable lemon pigs," as artist olaf breuning calls them. either way, scoboco loved this piece, despite (or because of?) the bad lemmings/lemons pun. at metro pictures, 519 w24th, through february 18.

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