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Monday, March 13

spelling bee

scoboco did broadway on saturday night--enjoying part one of k's super generous christmas present (thanks again!)--and we had a blast. the show was the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee, and though it certainly had it weak points (like, unfortunately, all the songs, which are used for unnecessary backstory and character development), all three of us laughed loudly and often, the whole way though.

by far the best and funniest lines are delivered during the actual bee... especially the banter surrounding the words the "kids" are asked to spell, the definitions of these words, their language of origin, etc. the bee's "official pronouncer" is particulary good, with dead-on comic timing. the kids try to get a little too much mileage out of the "we're such nerds" jokes, but mostly it works. and the show makes terrific use of four audience members who stay on stage for a good chunk of time as contestants. these people are teased mercilessly (but good-naturedly) about their clothes and such, and they couldn't get this one guy off the stage! he spelled these two obscure words correctly, so they had to call him right back up for a "special lightening round." very amusing and well-handled. and the set works hard and well, as does the lobby, at evoking the feel of a elementary/middle school. most important, bo and co absolutely LOVED it... with co giggling so hard at one point that all the people around her were just staring at her and smiling. my only regret is that we didn't go when it was off-broadway, in a smaller venue, for half the price.

our pre-theater dinner was at vnyl, on 9th avenue between 50th and 51st. this place is hyper but fun (well, bo and co thought it was fun), overly-designed as a tribute to music stars. here's what it's like: there are four bathrooms--elvis, dolly, nelly, cher--each with different music blasting, each with a large tile mosaic portraits and a smaller, built-in diorama of your "host." the food was mediocre but inexpensive... actually, our lightly fried calamari appetizer was pretty tasty--especially the dipping sauces--as was the fudge cake dessert, and the entrees (sesame chicken and meatloaf sandwich) were pretty bad, so i guess on average it was mediocre. i do still love the restaurant's exterior, which is why we went in the first place! next time (we're seeing wicked on july 1... thanks k!) we're going to "the centro."

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Anonymous kp said...

Happy birthday, Scottie. Pretty funky guy and great dad. Loved the Best Buy piece. kp

8:55 PM, May 03, 2006


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