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Sunday, March 26

she's the man

ok, if you have tweenage girls in your life, grab them right now and go see amanda bynes in she's the man. seriously. scoboco went on friday night down on the deuce, and the theater was packed with laughing, squriming-in-giggly-embarrassment, happily cheering girls, boco definitely included. and, honestly, the crowd was even older than you would imagine... plenty of pairs and crews of 16/17/even 20s-year-old young women. not to mention me, cracking up more often than i expected, but mostly just totally loving how much fun my kids were having.

ostensibly a "remake" of twelth night, this is the story of how cute, SUPER-goofy viola (played by amanda b, and in pretty much every scene), masquerades as her twin brother sebastian in order to play on his new boarding school's boys' soccer team. the plot mechanics matter little, but needless to say much misunderstanding and gender-silliness and falling in love and truimphant soccer ensues.

though at times frustrating in its laziness (characters include the nerdy girl wearing the night brace; the clueless, ditzy divorced parents who seem about to get back together just because they sit next to each other at the big game; the spoiled-brat debutante, etc.), and always completely predictable, she's the man is nevertheless an enormously appealing comedy getting RAVES from the 4th to 8th grade set. and the 42-year-old dad set.



Anonymous dglass said...

You've got to give us something! How about at least a little imix 4.18 or 19! We're dying here.

9:27 PM, April 18, 2006


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