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Wednesday, May 3

room 4 dessert

so i turned 43 last week.

yup. 43.

but whatever misgivings i might feel about becoming ever-more solidly middle-aged were completely erased by the incredible love and generosity i received from all the amazing, beautiful people in my life, especially my amazing daughters bo and co, my mom, and my beloved dglass.

anyway, i felt like i had a week of perfect celebrations, but on the actual bday itself dglass took me to room 4 dessert for some late-night goodies. located in nolita on cleveland place (i think one block south of spring), this new and tiny treats-and-wine place (there's only a long bar to sit at) is a little gimmicky, but definitely good. basically, there are four dessert "flights" you can choose from, each with four riffs on the theme. we went for "chocolate" and "red", and both were, to varying degrees, interesting, fun, scrumptious. pastry chef will goldfarb is quite energetic and entertaining as he chats you up. the place itself is very pretty, even romantic. and, like i said, the desserts were all cleverly conceived and mostly delicious. makes for a nice ending to any evening.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Closed. Have to take you to task on this one, Scott. This place is not so great. All kinds of problems beginning with health department sightings of, shall we say, things better "not" used as ice cream toppings. Stick to cones and scones.

1:58 AM, July 06, 2007

Blogger Scott said...

Wow. Thanks anon. We went during the first week or so (and so long ago), and I had heard it was closed, but didn't know why.

Thanks for the update... and for taking the time to take me to task!

10:24 PM, July 09, 2007


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