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Sunday, May 7

studio in the park

scoboco went riverside today for: 1. the spectacularly beautiful spring day 2. opening weekend of the summer-long public art show, studio in the park. and though the art wasn't quite as brilliant as the day, we enjoyed many of the pieces a lot, and we had tons of treasure-hunt-fun just strolling from 70th street to 105th trying to find all eleven.

the concept here is great: eleven artists created original pieces that fit into their surroundings, or use the park in some way. scoboco's hands-down favorite was fabian marcaccio's the fall, a rich, colorful, clever, magnificently entertaining collage of micro and macro photographs streaked with thick gobs of silcone which curves and covers an entire wall of the tunnel near 72nd street. (you can download and print a map here). we also really liked:
• robert greenburg's almost-eerie driftwood mobiles hanging in the rotunda at the boat basin (these would probably be really cool at night);
• emil lukas's concrete, silica-fume (whatever that is) and cement slabs up near 100th street, with cool impressions on top and secret crevices on the sides;
• kenny scharf's three lollipop-looking heads on the fence between the highway and hudson beach (by the way they put up a "junior" ring course at the beach, with smaller rings and shorter distances);
• and mckendree key's floating orange balls, anchored in the hudson off the promenade near 96th street (keep your expectations low for this one: no WAY does it look like she used 8,000 balls!).

interesting free art in public spaces that you can touch, climb all over, walk upon, stumble across, admire, loathe, talk about, share... this is the kind of thing that, i think, makes this city such an amazing place to live.

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