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Saturday, December 23

Skating The Pond at Bryant Park

I know I wrote about this last year, but in case you're looking for things to do over the holidays (with or without kids), ice skating at The Pond at Bryant Park remains an excellent option.

Though I'm sure it gets mobbed (it's free, it's Christmastime, it's New York City), when Scoboco got there around 11:45 today there was no line... and, in fact, they were just about done Zamboni-ing the ice for the 12:00 - 1:30 skate, and we had a blast. The rink is pretty big, much larger than Lasker or Rockefeller Center; the rental skates are decent quality, which for us just means that they fit well—no achy ankles or blisters—and are easy to put on; the music is appropriately festive; and the setting striking, with all those big 42nd Street buildings and the columnal rear facade of the library presiding over things. AND the chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats at the snack bar are surprisingly delicious.

Though admission is free, skate rentals are $8, which is fine, but I definitely recommend bringing your own lock, if you have (to avoid buying one for $10), and NOT bringing a bag, which they make you check, for $6.50. The Pond will be open until January 15. There's more info, and a webcam, here.

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