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Tuesday, December 5

MyMix 12.5

I make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. Here's what I'll be listening to, shuffled, today...

Raine Maida: Sex, Love and Honey
Fujiya & Miyagi: Collarbone
Michael Andrews & Gary Jules: Mad World*
Sufjan Stevens: Predatory Wasp
Regina Spektor: Fidelity
Birdman & Lil Wayne: Stuntin' Like My Daddy
Anthony Hamilton: Comin' From Where I'm From**
The Rolling Stones: Sway
The Presets: Girl and the Sea
Modest Mouse: Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
Cascada: Everytime We Touch***
TV on the Radio: Dirtywhirl
Damien Rice: Rootless Tree
Lily Allen: Smile
Talking Heads: Cities
Les Savy Fav: New Teen Anthem
Justin Timberlake: My Love
Snow Patrol: You're All I Have
Gang of Four: Natural's Not In It
Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek****
Devotchka: Til the End of Time
Wreckless Eric: Whole Wide World
The Decemberists: Yankee Bayonet

* A beautiful cover of the Tears for Fears tune, used to great effect in the trailer for Gears of War and in this lovely Michael Gondry-directed video. Gives me goose bumps every time.

** At the end of every day Idolator posts an MP3 Roundup. It's where I discovered a bunch of good songs and bands, incuding The Thermals, Fujiya & Miyagi, and this excellent neo-soul slow jam... which THEY discovered from The Wire.

** I had a blast dancing with Debbie to this in August at a Bat Mitzvah, as we joined all the kids in pumping our fist above our heads during the chorus. This is obviously the Everytime We Touch official move, because when the song came on at dinner just the other night Bo rolled her eyes and said "they play this at EVERY Bat/Bar Mitvah and everyone goes like this [pumps fist in air]".

**** I've liked this pretty vocodor-enanced a cappella tune for a long time now, but when they played almost the entire thing during that montage of heartbreak during The Last Kiss? Forget about it: the tears were streaming.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you make a P is One mix and bring your ipod to the fly one year celebration tomorrow?

3:26 PM, December 06, 2006


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