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Friday, March 23

East Village Ice Cream

On the first really warm night of pre-Spring last week, Debbie and I strolled on over to Avenue B to sample the sweet treats of East Village Ice Cream. Newly opened by a former chef at the very good Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (no relation to the very very good Chinatown Ice Cream Factory), this bright little shop features 10 or so freshly-handmade flavors, mostly of the classic variety.

I had a double scoop of Butter Pecan, which was fine and appealingly creamy, and Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, which was absolutely superb: dense and (not overly) sweet and authentically chocolatey. This flavor alone would be worth a return trip, maybe next time paired with Strawberry. Debbie had a cone of Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, which was nothing special, she said, but that didn't stop her from finishing the whole thing. We also had several tastes, of Pistachio (nice and nutty, said Debbie) and Coffee (nice and rich, said me) and Mango. The owner was so excited about this last flavor that he gave us each a cup's worth right out of the machine in back before it had time to... ummmm... creamify. He should have waited.

So the ice cream ranges from ok to fabulous, but as far as atmosphere goes.... the delicious mango-y paint job and enthusiastic, smiley service is unfortunately undermined by the depressing found-objects decor—a sad-looking ice-cream-cone pinata hanging here; an ugly strawberry-shaped cookie jar sitting on the counter there—complete with a couple of ratty door mats randomly placed on the floor and rickety old patio furniture serving as your seating. Not a deal-breaker when it comes to getting a sweet treat on a summer's evening, true, but not a real incentive to go out of your way, either.

East Village Ice Cream is located on Avenue B between 14th and 13th Streets.

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Anonymous Debbie said...

I like the way you report about my finishing a single scoop cone but you don't mention the fact that you "slurped down" BOTH cups of the complimentary mango after the huge double scoop dish!

11:09 PM, March 23, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yummy...i really like the ice cream very much! forget the decor, best ice cream ever

11:35 PM, March 28, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ice cream here is terrific! shame on you for focusing on the decor. it's about the frozen treats! and this place is really really good at making ice cream.

1:10 PM, June 05, 2007

Anonymous CreditPir said...

Yes, i do agree that decor is important but thare are things that look really tasty but are disgusting in fact.
Some of French food isn't pleasant looking either, but is worth trying, really.

6:58 AM, July 12, 2007


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