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Friday, May 11

MyMix 5.11

I make a new On-The-Go mix just about every morning. Here's some of what I've been listening to, shuffled—in fact, on my new Shuffle!—today.

The Arcade Fire: The Well and the Lighthouse
The Moths: Wild Birds
Timbaland: Give It To Me
Modest Mouse: Fly Trapped In a Jar*
Feist: I Feel It All
Michael Jackson: The Way You Make Me Feel
TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me
Grizzly Bear: On a Neck, On a Spit
Menomena: Wet and Rusting
Kings of Leon
: I'm On Call
Elvis Costello: Lip Service**
Beirut: Elephant Gun
Arctic Monkeys: Brainstorm
Lavender Diamond: You Broke My Heart
Sufjan Stevens: The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
The Decemberists: Shiny
Land of Talk: Summer Special***
The Cure: In Between Days
Andrew Bird: Scythian Empires
Paul Wall: I'm Throwed
Tracey Thorn: Hands Up To the Ceiling

* This CD could have been such a disaster—new guitarist; coming off their out-of-left-field success—but Isaac Brock and crew totally delivered. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank is satisfyingly Modest Mouse, but feels new, too.

** And Green Shirt... and (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea... and No Action... and This Year's Girl... I hadn't heard these songs in at least 20 years when iTunes finally put all of Costello's early catalogue up last week, and I've been amazed at 1) how fresh and good they sound, 2) that I still know all the lyrics without hesitation.

*** I've been listening to this song by the Montreal trio almost daily for a few weeks now and I love it (and others by them) but it drives me nuts because I can't figure out who singer Elizabeth reminds me of.... Little help?



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