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Wednesday, June 27

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery

As an unabashed sweet-treat lover, I'm almost ashamed to admit that, before last week, I had never been to what I now know is the unbelievably delicious Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery. I'm not sure why, but it's true. So I went twice in three days. And, heck, I may go again tomorrow. Because, really? These just might be the tastiest baked goods in town.

The cupcakes are without question the best I've had since forever (listen up, Magnolia fans). They're moist and spongy and rich, not too dense, and the icing is perfection: sweet and soft and thick but not so leaden like buttercream can sometimes be. Pictured above is the Sassy Red Velvet with chocolate almond buttercream, and it was a beautiful thing to eat; below is a Pistachio cupcake with what they call "The Moose"—or, Satin Buttercream—on top, and it, too, delivered. At only $1.50 each, pair one with a cup of iced coffee, have a seat in the shop's comfy, found-furniture "living room" and you've got yourself an ideal afternoon treat.

The bars here are also excellent. Bo and I devoured a wonderfully chewy Scutterbotch one afternoon—how often do you encounter great butterscotch these days? not often enough...—and I brought an amazing Yum Yum Bar (shortbread, chocolate, raspberry) to the movies a few nights later. Finished the whole thing. During the trailers. I've heard raves, too, about Sugar Sweet's puddings—especially the Chocolate Bomb—so that's what I'm getting next.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery is located on Rivington Street between Essex and Norfolk. In addition to all their on-the-go treats, they also make and decorate what I can only imagine to be outstanding, custom, double- and triple-layer cakes.

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Anonymous wda said...

Better than the cupcakes at your 40th birthday party? (Yeah, it's me, old friend.)

9:38 PM, July 11, 2007

Blogger Scott said...


I just gave you credit for Superchunk, before reading this.

And, yes, these are better.

How come you weren't at Spoon tonight? They put on an excellent show.

10:09 PM, July 11, 2007


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