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Friday, July 13

Karine Laval at Bonni Benrubi Gallery

OK, first things first: Karine Laval is a friend of mine. More specifically, she's my sister's longtime roommate, and most of my family was at her opening last night... Dad, Mom, step-mom, brother, sister, and, as it worked out, the increasingly tanned and teenager-y Bo and Co. So take whatever kind words I have to say about Karine's photography with all that in mind. Of course, if I didn't like her stuff I would just not write about it, as she most definitely doesn't need my help with her career.

Anyway, Karine's new exhibition is called Leisure, and features a dozen or so mid- to large-sized photographs of people in pursuit of just that. Many of these luscious prints are done up in her signature, beautifully flat and bleached-out colors, and all highlight Karine's keen eye for the unexpected perspective, or composition. After much discussion among the three of us, Bo, Co and I picked our three favorites: the lonely, humbling beauty of Patagonia, above (Co especially loved the way the water was "all one color"); the whimsical Untitled #58, at top, taken on a Moroccan beach and which I can't help but read as spelling out "love"; and the exuberant Untitled #36, below, of leapers in Marseille.

I mean, just in case you see the show, and feel like buying us a present.

Bonni Benrubi gallery is located on the 13th floor of the Fuller Building, on 57th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. Karine' exhibition will be up through September 15. Karine also sells some of her work through Artnet, here.

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