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Monday, October 15

Ditch Plains

Oh. Sorry.... Wrong slide.

Let's start over.

Ditch Plains

That's better. As you can see, Ditch Plains, Montauk, and Ditch Plains, Bedford Street, are... umm.... remarkably similar? And I wish I had taken some shots of the faux industrial interior, which really made me feel as if I were sitting at that picnic table near Lily's cart, eating one of her burritos....

Anyway, I was much closer to Ditch, the restaurant, than Ditch, the beach, on Sunday evening, so I popped in for an early dinner prior to a movie at the Film Forum. Like I said, the interior is cold, industrial, almost bunker-like, with a long gun-slit (?) peeking into the kitchen. The only nod the place's namesake is a flat screen playing surf videos... and, I guess, the fish-heavy menu.

I started with a bowl of New England Clam Chowder. The broth was excellent—briny and deep—the potatoes firm, the fatty ham a welcome addition, and the clams, of which there were many, were unbelievably, unswallowable-y rubbery. You know how sometimes you're chewing something and it's just not getting any smaller, and all the flavor's gone, so you can either swallow it "whole", or discreetly expel it into your napkin? Like that, these clams were. All of them.

Next up: fish tacos. Now, this is my fault, because I should have asked, but I was dismayed that my fish arrived fried, heavy on the batter. Even more dismayed that it was nearly flavorless, the dish saved only by the salsa. And the radishes. And the lime, too, was pretty good.

The only dessert available was S'mores for two. Being one, I passed.

Ditch Plains, the restaurant, is located on the corner of Bedford and Downing Streets.

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