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Thursday, November 29

Georgia's Eastside BBQ

Say you're totally starving to death, and your movie at the Sunshine starts in an hour, and you're not feeling especially wealthy, and for a few days now you've been quietly nursing your semi-annual craving for some Southern-style eats.

Ring a bell? Then definitely head on over to Georgia's Eastside BBQ, a small, friendly spot that's been slinging all your basic home-cookin' meats and sides since it opened over the summer. The decor here is ironic Americana, the portions large, the prices graciously easy on the wallet, the food unspectacular but unquestionably satisfying.

I pulled out all the stops last Tuesday evening and ordered the Rib Dinner, a full rack of baby backs which were mostly juicy, fatty and fall-off-the-bone tender (the thick end of things suffered from unpleasant dryness), the tips fired to a nicely burnt crisp, the whole monsterous mess slathered in a nothing-fancy, not-too-sugary BBQ sauce. For my sides I went veggie with some well-cooked, quite tasty Roasted Beets and a bowl of sweet Collard Greens. And because I felt like testing my stomach's outer limits, I also tried the Baked Potato Skins with cheddar, bacon, and sour cream. It's tough to screw up a dish like that, and they didn't.

Georgia's Eastside BBQ is located on Orchard Street between Houston and Stanton. There's no liquor license, and it's closed Mondays... which perhaps explains why they "usually have dessert, just not tonight" on Tuesday.

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