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Monday, May 8

dirty bird DON'T go

i was feeling like maybe i had missed something. like i was the lone hater at a love fest.

see, a few weeks ago a psyched-up scoboco went to dirty bird to go, the new fried chicken place on 14th and 7th avenue that's been getting tons of buzz, heaps of praise, loads of business.

i must say, i was totally underwhelmed. everything--the fried chicken, the rotisserie chicken, the dirty rice, and especially the mac and cheese--was stunningly bland. i guess that's not the worst crime, but i dropped like 70 bucks for 5 people for lunch! and it was ridiculously slow AND they forgot to pack my rotisserie chicken, which i had to go pick up later because we had traveled to williamsburg before i realized their mistake.

anyway, new york magazine had a similiar experience (four of them, actually), which was the first unkind words i've heard about this place that weren't coming out of my mouth, which made me feel like i wasn't just being grumpy.

yes, it's new, and i had a near-perfect meal by these same chefs at jack's luxury oyster bar a couple summers back, but i hope they get their act together soon.

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