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Wednesday, August 16

max brenner: chocolate by the bald man

well that qt over at kt beat us to it, but scoboco finally made it to the new max brenner chocolapolis in union square, and the bald guy definitely put us into a glorious sugar stupor.

we had dinner first, and it was fine: pepperoni waffles, pepperoni sandwich, ham crepe. something had too much garlic in it for my taste, but it was definitely solid, servicable food. but the point of max brenner's is dessert--there's a hardbound, 20-page book devoted to chocolate everythingyoucanimagine: ice cream, pizza, waffles, cakes, bagels, hot and cold and boozy drinks, cookies, fondue, s'mores, etc etc etc. rather than try to decide, we went for the "sharing (tasting for two)"--in english, that means "tasting for four"--which included a heavenly crunchy chocolate covered cream "snack," gooey banana split waffles (because i didn't get enough waffles at dinner) and, most original, pop rocks in this liquidy, dark chocolate pudding thing. anyway, it was all unbelievably sweet and chocolately (obviously) and delicious.

the vibe here is very friendly and hipster, with lounge music and lots of big graphic elements as the decor. the take-out counter is non-stop busy. the cups are beautiful, and all the sauces come in these cute little beakers. and about half way through our dessert platter, co looked up and said "this is DEFINITELY where i'm having my birthday dinner!"

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