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Sunday, June 18

hudson beach

the ever-gorgeous and razor-sharp dglass once told me the secret to making the weekend feel longer: go out friday night. as always (except for sometimes) she's absolutely right... especially, it seems, on the weekends when bo and co are with me. so this past friday, with no movies around that the three of us could agree on, scoboco went down to hudson beach to hang out, see the sunset, and watch co master the rings course.

hudson beach--located at approximately 105th street in riverside park, down all the way next to the highway--features the following: two "traveling rings" apparati (a cross between gymnast rings and monkey bars... ten rings strung across a sand pit; you swing from one to the next to the next) one adult-sized, one for kids; a beach volleyball setup; the hudson beach cafe, which cooks up servicable burgers and fries; kenny scharf lollipop heads gazing down from the fence near the highway; music from the live band that's usually playing at the cafe; lots of happy upper west side families doing the same thing we were doing... soaking up those beautiful summer's-just-beginning vibes.

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