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Sunday, June 4

nellie mckay at joe's pub

homeboy over at b.a.t. hooked me up with this one: every sunday at 11:30 until at least june 18, nellie mckay will be performing at joe's pub (on lafayette, right off astor place). dglass and i went last sunday with gallery master eric, and the show was absolutely terrific. if you don't mind staying up late on school night, i'd highly recommend seeing this off-the-charts charming and clever and cute and talented young woman while the chance is here. (or you could also pay $100 or whatever to see her in three penny opera...)

nellie's delivery of her smart, rapid-fire lyrics, her show-tune sensibility, her instinctively theatrical nature--all of which, frankly, can get a little tiresome when listyening at home--is all a joy to watch and hear live. several times she actually forgot her place (if you're familiar with her songs, that's totally understandable) but recovered in endearing fashion. her politics are impeccably liberal; her fire and conviction admirable; and though some of her targets--marriage, suburbia--are a tad immature (or, i should say, fit her age, which is like 20), overall i couldn't help thinking how proud i would be if she were, say, my niece.

the show lasted about 90 minutes, most of which had her seated at the piano, though she did get up and play the almost-ukelele for a song or two. her between-song banter was funny and totally charming (have i called her charming already? well, she is.) oh and definitely reserve a table "for dinner." they won't make you buy any food (just a two drink minimum, which they didn't even hold us to), and you'll get to sit. but even with a rez, show up early. you don't want one of the two tables behind the piano.

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