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Friday, June 2

rockaway beach

scoboco's always gone to long beach for our day trips to the ocean. you know: the lirr, walk five or six blocks, crowded but perfectly fine beach, takes about 50 minutes one way (not counting getting to penn station, and doing the waiting/staring at the track board thing), costs $17 for adults for train tickets and beach admission. definitely a nice day; definitely worth it a few times each summer.

but over memorial day weekend dglass suggested checking out rockaway... she had gone out there years ago; i had never been. and we had a great day.

getting there couldn't be easier: take the a train, which is a total express, to broad channel where you can either stay on and go to far rockaway, or do what we did and switch to the shuttle (picks you up on the same platform) and then get off at any of the "beach" stops. we tried beach 105, and it was perfect. the trip lasts less than hour from west 4th street, and the boardwalk is pretty much right there when you get off the train.

the beach was basically the same as long beach (maybe the sand wasn't quite as... sandy... but it was fine), there were FAR fewer people in our area than i would have expected; the water looked ok, there was public bathroom, and a little snack bar, and there was a deli near where you get off the train. plus you get that cool, slightly disorienting sensation of taking the subway to the beach.

yes, you will be singing the song all day. but i always get old school snoop dogg in my head when i go to long beach, so that's pretty much a wash, too.

nice to have options. this city is so amazing.

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Nice arms!

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