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Monday, May 22

mymix 5.22

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today...

gnarls barkley: crazy*
secret machines: lightening blue eyes
neko case: star witness
built to spill: conventional wisdom
mates of state: fraud in the 80s
the walkmen: wake up
the strokes: evening sun
sonic youth: tunic (song for karen)**
rancid: radio havana
interpol: c'mere
gnarls barkley: smiley faces
grandaddy: a.m. 180
50 cent/mobb deep: have a party
red hot chili peppers: snow (hey oh)***
the rakes: open book
babyshambles: fuck forever
mobius strip: the loving sounds of static
bloc party: like eating glass
arctic monkeys: fake tales of san francisco

* right now i could listen to this song for 25 minutes non-stop and be happy
** hearing this today reminded me that if you can't get tickets to the summerstage "benefit" shows (which is me, always), it can be really cool to bring a blanket and lay on that hill outside of the rumsey playfield and just listen, which is how i "saw" sonic youth and wilco a few summers back.
*** i think these guys exist in their own alternative universe or something... where time moves, but really doesn't, or keeps circling back on itself. it's like: i always feel exactly the same way when i hear their stuff. whether old or spankin new... whether i'm in the 80s, or the 90s, or today on the way to work.... whether i'm happy or grumpy or jumpy or pissed or bouncy or breezy. i always hear them the same way.



Blogger David Marc Fischer said...

I'm also a fan of "Summerstage al fresco"--listening to the music while relaxing outside Rumsey Playfield, even when it's a free concert. It's a great option when one wants to get away from a crowd. The big rock(s) to the south can be good for that purpose--and sometimes you can even get a bit of a view.

11:17 AM, May 25, 2006


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