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Saturday, June 10

rack and soul

bo's away this weekend, so scoco hooked up with dglass for some chilly soho wandering (the staircase at the new longchamp is kind of disappointing in person), some hanging with e and pablito, and then uptown to 109th and broadway to check out rack and soul, which was opened about a month ago by seasoned soul food pro from harlem.

dinner was totally delicious. everything: the crispy fried chicken, the tender baby back ribs, the collard greens, the buttery mashed potatoes, the sticky mac and cheese, the baked beans... all more than lived up to my expectations. the service was super friendly and speedy (they obviously don't cook-to-order, which is fine for this kind of food); the vibe relaxed; the music lame (really? the best mix they could come up with was some kind of 80s greatest hits complilation?); we were seated right away, but the place felt happily crowded; and the prices reasonable, especially co's $4 kid-sized portion of ribs and two sides.

we're definitely going back, maybe even for bo's birthday in a couple of weeks.

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