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Monday, June 19

mymix 6.20

i make a new on-the-go mix just about every morning. here's what i'm listening to, shuffled, today...

afi: miss murder
paul oakenfold: faster kill pussycat
the walkmen: emma, get me a lemon
hot chip: and i was a boy from school
sonic youth: jams run free
elf power: an old familiar scene
bloc party: positive tension
brian eno: the true wheel*
mobius band: close the door
ghostface killah/ne-yo: back like that
film school: like you know
the rakes: open book
arab strap: if there's no hope for us
babyshambles: albion
red hot chili peppers: dani california
james blunt: high
deerhoof: twin killers
super furry animals: foxy music
ladytron: destroy everything you touch
the postal service: there's never enough time
gnarls barkley: who cares?**
sia: sunday

* remember in high school how sometimes you felt like you were absolutely at the center of the universe, and for a brief moment it seemed like everything was all aligned, and your life was going to work out fine, and you couldn't believe how good it felt to to be so comfortable and relaxed? i felt that in gabrielle and melissa's room back in 1980, fall of my senior year, as i sat on their bed and watched them dance and sing along to this song.
** still totally the disc of the moment. usually two or three songs make it onto the daily mix.



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