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Tuesday, August 29

MyMix 8.29

I make a new On-the-Go mix just about every morning. Here's what I'm listening to, shuffled, today...

Under the Influence of Giants: In the Clouds*
Ani Difranco: Hypnotized
Dirty Pretty Things: Bang Bang You're Dead
Hellogoodbye: Here (In Your Arms)*
The Rapture: Get Myself Into It
Say Hi to Your Mom: Sweet Sweet Heartkiller*
Mobius Band: Radio Coup
Sonic Youth: Jams Run Free
Tapes 'n Tapes: Insistor
Nelly Furtado & Timbaland: Promiscuous
Hot Chip: Over and Over*
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness: The Ghost
Thom Yorke: Black Swan
Psapp: Cosy in the Rocket
James Blunt: High
Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten
Ghostface Killah: Shakey Dog
The Rakes: Strasbourg

*This seems to be the season for infectious, bounce on your toes while you ride the train, sweet-energy indie dance tunes. Disposable? Probably. But for now, I'm totally hooked.



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