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Friday, August 18

scoboco does broadway

so it's come to this: i'm a man who cries during mamma mia.


and not just a lump in the throat, mind you... i'm talking actual tears coming from these actual eyes. i can hear dglass now: what happened to the apollo days, dude?! i can hear tod now, if he was still alive: what happened to your vow?! you know, the one you made as we snuck out of evita during that spanish class trip in 11th grade, and then repeated to me a bazillion times for years, just to be annoying?! that you'd NEVER to see another musical again?!! yeah well...

oh... i also danced. boco were a little embarrased and all, but the wtf, you know? i figure if you're going to bother to go to mamma mia, you definitely have to dance!

anyway, yes, scoboco made it broadway twice this summer, most recently to see the matinee of mamma mia (courtesy of the tkts down at the south street seaport, which opens four hours earlier than the tkts in times square, though no one seems to know if that's really an advantage), and in early july, for wicked.* both were huge hits with all three of us, but with wicked definitely getting the nod for "BEST musical of my life!" honors.

briefly, mamma mia is touching and sweet; the 20+ abba tunes irresistable; the cast mixed in their abilities, but the leads were strong; the sets clever. if you're already thinking of going, if it seems at all appealing, you definitely won't be disappointed (conversely, there's no point if you're just going to be cynical about it).

wicked is really pretty incredible. the sets, the acting, the singing, the story, the costumes, the lighting... it's all amusing and moving and smart and busy and a real spectacle and huge amounts of fun... totally worth a full-priced ticket.

* full disclosure: boco actually saw wicked twice... once with me, thanks to kristina (merry christmas!), and then two weeks later with their "summer musical theater workshop" at the lucy moses school (part of the kaufman center, on west 67th)... an EXCELLENT program, by the way, with great counselors, mostly nice kids, and a terrific end-of-camp performance, all pretty reasonably priced. and boco also saw "hot feet" because a friend of ours worked on it. it's that earth, wind and fire show that maybe isn't even around anymore, and which they thought was ok.

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Anonymous dglass said...

Yeah, whatever happened to the Apollo days??

10:28 PM, August 20, 2006


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