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Thursday, December 28


The glib review is this: Stand is bland.

Scoboco had dinner last Saturday at this spanking-new burger place on 12th and University... and maybe our expectations were too high (based on the reasonably cool signage and decor, and the hype, and the hope for another tasty mid-priced place to eat) but the food here—basically, burgers and fries and milkshakes—was, at best, extremely mediocre.

We started with what turned out to be the best (if somewhat ridiculous) dish of the night: the $3 pickled egg: nice and vinegary, with a mustard-onion sauce. Unfortunately, it all kind of went downhill from there. I had a mostly tasteless Cheeseburger with Blue Cheese Sauce... I say mostly, because a couple of bites felt like I hit these hidden pockets of salt, as if they actually HAD seasoned the meat, but then didn't bother to mix it in. Plus: major points deducted for my bottom bun disintegrating about two-thirds of the way through. Co was equally disappointed with her tempting-sounding Bacon & Egg Cheeseburger, which turned out to have very little of either one of those toppings, and Bo gamely made her way through much of an exceptionally dry Turkey Burger; the only thing that saved her was the decent condiments on the table: spicy Jacobs Field mustard and a salsa-y ketchup. And the french fries? Thank goodness we got the "small," because this was among the most flavorless plate of potatoes we've ever had. To be fair, Bo's and my milkshakes, Pumpkin and Maple & Almond, respectively, were pretty good, though Co's Chocolate was almost undrinkable, after the bartender had obviously been a bit too overeager with the cocoa powder.

Stand has only been open for a little more than a week, and I'm totally rooting for them to get their act together and serve up some good food... but right now BLT Burger, only a couple of blocks away, is about four or five times as good, and for about the same price.

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