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Tuesday, March 27

MyMix 3.27

I make a new On-The-Go mix just about every morning. Here's what I've been listening to, shuffled, today.

LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum
Peter Bjorn and John: Up Against the Wall*
Andrew Bird: Fiery Crash
The Talking Heads: The Big Country
The Killers: Read My Mind
Times New Viking: Little Amps
Akon: Don't Matter
Biz Markie: The Vapors
The Thermals: St. Rosa and the Swallows
Elvis Perkins: All the Night Without Love**
Phoenix Foundation: To a Lost Friend
TV on the Radio: Dirtywhirl
Seal: Crazy
The Presets: Girl and the Sea
Lily Allen: LDN***
Bloc Party: I Still Remember
The Arcade Fire: Keep the Car Running****
Tracey Thorn: Get Around To It
Superchunk: Mower
The Cloud Room: Hey Now Now
Morissey: Everyday is Like Sunday

* I can't get enough of this Swedish trio's CD, called Writer's Block. It's sweet, unbelievably catchy, familiar yet fresh... Bo, Co and I listen to it all the time at home, and I always put a song or three on my daily mixes. Objects of My Affection, Amsterdam, Paris 2004, The Chills, Up Against the Wall: these are all great songs. And Co, an excellent whistler, especially likes Young Folks.

** This guy sound so much like Jeff Magnum of Neutral Milk Hotel I almost don't even believe they're two different people. Here's a warm and friendly video of this bittersweet song. And if you're curious about those lo-fi, Elephant Six hipsters NMH, check out In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, or Song Against Sex.

*** I love this song's juxtaposition of sunny melody and grim lyrics. And she's totally cute in the beginning of the video.

**** I think this album's excellent, but doesn't the cover remind you of Tempest?



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